Apr 19, 2012

With my lenses on

I lie to myself
That I am not going to sleep
That it is just a 'closing of eyes'
And thus I lie down on the bed
At night, with my lenses on

I tell my eyes
Oh you are safe
I am going to wash you soon
After removing the lenses
But not now, with them on

I tell the Micromax Data USB
That I will just be back
To the uploaded world
To molest the laptop
With my lenses on

I wink at the tube-light
Oh I will indeed switch you off
But that will be when 
I no more need to see
With my lenses not on

I whisper to the pillow
To wake me up with a silent alarm
May be an ant bite or that of a mosquito
So that I do not sleep the night
With my lenses on

I do not keep my cell-phone 
In my hand's reach, oh why should I?
If it rings, that is, 
I will wake up and spot it
With those lenses still on

That story book is at my side
Lest I get bored of 'closing my eyes'
And look for interesting stuff
In the story lines
With my lenses reading them on

I look at the clock's face
Trusting it to yell at me
And make an angry frown
To stop me from dreaming
With my lenses on

But I happen to 'close my eyes'
And smile inside
Knowing very well
That I am looking forward to sleep
For hours with my lenses on

But, sometime later on
And it's not the cell-phone, or the clock
Or the boredom, or the pillow
But I do wake up
With my lenses safely on

I wobble towards the lens holder
Practice the ritual of taking them off
And washing them in some magic
So that I can go back to my life
In a few hours, with my lenses newly on

Apr 2, 2012


My mind's like this precious page
I keep cleaning it from negative thoughts
I guess that's the biggest of all battles I fight
Every moment, every nano second

It is easy to be unaware of what's bothering me
But I got to have it in my hands
A worry, a complex, a fear, an anticipation
There are just too many things that can haunt you

Most importantly, being undisturbed by what's happening
To whom it is happening and why it is happening
Sometimes, thinking, trying to find reasons of that which is and that which is not
It is such a hard task to just be, at peace with oneself

'Negativity', it can come from anywhere,
From those you listen to intently, those you believe in,
As well as from your own mind, your very treacherous brain,
Always trying to fool you into travelling to a world of doubt and hesitation

I have realized, that as people mature, become wiser, and evolve
Their problems do not simplify or become tinier
Instead, they become more challenging and more insidious
Everything in this world constantly becomes better and man is expected to do the same

So if you do 10 crunches on Monday, you are expected to do 12 the next
If you don't you are not in line with this world
You are stagnant, if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward
That's why it is said, may be; that as you grow big, battles grow bigger too

You have to have the vision to fathom their size, to recognize...