Jul 26, 2010

The Philosophy of Convenience

The Philosophy of Convenienve: The moment I heard this expression on my first day in the T.I.M.E. coaching centre, I knew it would stay with me life-long. Since that day, I have been constantly assessing myself against this wonderful idea. I have realised that life gets so much simpler and hassel-free when we pause, take a look around and weigh our options. Rushing forward blindly into anything and everything that comes before you is a sign of sheer lack of vision. It is just a question of 'reaction'. How would you react? Reaction has many levels - the lowest being mechanical and the highest being intellectual. The philosophy of convenience says that the solution to a problem should be devised such that it uses the least mental, physical and temporal resources. More often than not, some degree of mechanical or intellectual effort in the right direction can save a lot of your resources: the most precious being time. The trick lies in discovering if there is an easy way out; and taking that parsimonious path. This ability is seen only in those who are miser with their time and energy.