Aug 11, 2011

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Miss fighting with you all day long,
And cursing you under the breath,
Being taken aback without a clue,
And making angry faces too.

Miss your smile, your square teeth,
Miss the soap on your right cheek,
Miss your sprinkling water on me,
Miss your not calling me Didi.

Miss your shouts and threats,
Pulling the sheets from under your legs,
Waking you up with a childish kick,
Talking to you in Spanish and Greek.

Miss your asking me if you're fat,
Wondering if we just saw a rat,
Watching you flail at the insects.
Sharing with you the Maggie shreds.

Whatever I miss here,
I am sure you miss too!
But on this upcoming special day,
Follow what I am going to say.

On your wrist, you tie a thread,
Wear the thick saffron red,
You are for me, a matter of pride,
But remember to keep some cash aside!