Nov 10, 2008

Avadh Puri Key Ram, kya tum ye chahte ho!!

I will start with a claimer (leave disclaimers for cinemas and soaps- they have censorship to fight, and people to please-I have none). Here: I proclaim that I will be angry with most people I write about and shameless in accuses. Plus I assure you lots of philosophy (my own) in every blog, if not G.K. of any useful kind.
(In addition to all these I will be utterly selfish and liberal in the use of first person pronoun)
---Holy Start, In the name of Universe ---
Did you notice that? 'Universe'- I am sort of a pantheist. You see I say "sort of", few Indians are ever totally sure of anything. I am not even sure we ever got freedom. Now see, 1947 did ugly things to us. It got us colonized by our own men! Those creatures you usually see in white robes, white kurtas, white pajamas. They are called something which starts with the letter ‘P’. Ha! How funny! They literally ‘P’ on us. I would look at them with awe in my childhood… wondering how purposefully they walked, following their paunch, shaking hands with each other, showing their gold or silver teeth all the time.
I say they are hypnotizers. How they do everything dirty right before our eyes and yet manage to keep us diverted into cricket, shining India, 9% GDP, and festivals, that keep arriving every other day. I tell you it is with the help of these religions that these paunches feed on us. We are always so engrossed feeding milk to snakes, making temples and dargahs on roads, buying puja thalis, and firing crackers, that we have no more stamina left to Change anything. No doubt these foxes encourage every bit of theist in us. And often they put one type of theist against the other, so they can continue feeding on us, as we rape each other of our humanity.
The other day I heard this song playing in the morning in my colony. Then and there, I cursed religiousness of us Indians. I ask you all what do you think of the song. It goes something like this:
Banayengey mandir, Kasam tumhari Ram,
Pranon se pyara hai, Avadh puri ka dhaam.
Hindu dharma ka bachha bachha prabhu tumharey kaam ka
Chaahey kuchh bhi ho ...banayengey mandir.
Jab tak mandir bane na tera, chain se naa baithengey
Goli khanjar kuchh bhi chale hum seene par le lengey….