Nov 25, 2010

God, Google, Gupshup - the 3G life

Roti, kapda and makan - we all know.  But that's just for basic subsistence - important to keep us alive; our belongings and modesty safe.  Beyond however, lies the vast space of unfulfilment, when you are just not satisfied with the best dress, the best house and the tastiest food.  You need more - a friend to tease, gossip and play video games with, a girl friend or boy friend to convince, fight and patch up with, a job to feel useful, and a god to thank and complain to, from time to time.  These are all essential to make our house homely, our clothes dressy, and our meals a treat. 
All these would be difficult without
1. God  a.k.a  destiny
R/o:   last seen by Chetan Bhagat in a train
Occupation-  to help you, tease you, frustrate you and confuse you (as the situation may demand)
2. Google  a.k.a  IT
R/o :   omnipresent
Occupation:  gives you everything- job, money, ideas, relatiponships
(strong contender for the first place)

3. Gupshup  a.k.a  advertsising
R/o:  omnipresent
happily married to Google
Occupation:  makes life easy
Warning:  use it or lag behind