Jun 19, 2011


 Sometimes, your mind needs sweeping, because people keep coming and bombarding it with their negativity and you can't tolerate it anymore. You can neither ignore it, because that will just slow down the rate of your thinking and planning, as a fan slows down when too much dust gathers on its plates. 

So, who are these people who deposit dust and mud in your brain? Just because you are nice and humble enough to keep your mind gates open for them, they think they can throw any garbage and then they expect you to treasure the dirt and appreciate their efforts in having taken that extra mile to execute its home-delivery. They cannot live without the element of 'expectations' and they use the unfulfilment of these expectations to brew 'hatred' for others. Such people are frustrated with their lives and go to all extents in trying to make you their mirror-image.  They spend their time (which can be used better), thinking of 'what' to say to you, and 'how best' to say it, so that their cloning target is accomplished. 
Beware of such people. Because 'sympathy' is what they feed on! And they will come to you, appealing to your moral sense, appealing to your conscience and freaking you out with their words and actions.  If you happen to nod and wait and watch and be happy, then they will start launching the next level of torture targeted and designed especially for you.  If you think of a middle way - of not displeasing them, and neither irritating yourself, then you have to pass the acid test of their bitterness.

 Such people have great potential, and they take no time in making people around them impotent.  So, if you are caught in the web of any such people, and they are crowding your brain with everything that's wrong with them, or so they think, then run for your life!

Be very choosy about what gets into your head.  Because a mind bug is more dangerous than any bloody bug in this whole world.  A mental bug can transform you from man to object in no time. You will lose your ability to think, react sanely, and behave cheerfully. It will eat you up, chew you ravishingly and vomit you out unrecognisable even to your alter-ego.  And you have to be very, very careful, if you want to live cheerfully, that is! Because there are loads of people with such bug-infecting-nature all over the place. Some exist so surreptitiously, and act so clandestinely that they themselves do not realise their contribution to making everything positive on this earth so neutral.  

Preventive measures: First of all, take deep breaths and say to yourself that you will not, no matter what, give in to their meticulous and disciplined efforts to bug-infect your brain.  And then, fill your brain with everything that’s nice in your life. And just pray for such people because, they are the nothing but victims, themselves, of some older, more experienced, bug-infectors. Use a bug-net for your mind-windows and don’t open your doors without screening the content that’s entering the lovely garden of your mind.

Jun 12, 2011

Ingredients of the life of a happy girl

  • Good music
  • Loyal health
  • An untiringly irritating brother
  • Enough money in the purse
  • A girl you can confide in
  • A gay friend
  • Regular supply of nice books
  • Frequent changes in life
  • A few dreams
  • Self confidence
  • Some well deserved freedom 
  • Some one to love