May 6, 2011


A twist with a hand,
With the other, a loop.
A stretch, to make sure,
It doesn't ever droop. 

Then hanging on it,
One by one,
The belongings and the weight,
Even the things we shun.

Blind to the knot.
Tattered in the sun.
Believing, it will,
Never come undone.

False is the belief,
We didn't tie it well.
We did not foresee,
How the weights will swell.

We cannot help,
Increasing the weight.
Newer needs will arise,
At any rate.

We do not have time,
To sift through the heap.
We still want to retain,
What we cannot keep.

We will build a shade,
To protect it from the sun.
Further knots will be needed,
Extra ropes will have to be run.

When more things are hung,
That knot may snap.
But the weight will not,
Suddenly fall on our lap.