Jun 25, 2010

I thought I knew me

I thought I was perfect, had all the strengths, needed no improvements. I was wrong and I began to decay. When things fell apart, I was left stunned to my bones. But I rejected the truth of it. I went on with my false belief in me. I denied watching my failure, but fail I did...many times and many times over and over again. Blindness overcame me and I lived aeons in darkness. And when nothing else was visible I closed my eyes. Tired of fighting myself, I sought answers within. Lightening bolts started hitting me, one by one. All my beliefs started breaking down, obstinate oaks against the mighty storm. No. This had to end somewhere, I had to accept defeat. I had to bend before my limitations. And thus I found - not the victory, nor the defeat, but the realisation that life is not about winning, it is not a race, it is a pilgrimage....where every fall should be a humble acceptance of that higher power, and every rise, a humble gratitude to the same.