Mar 23, 2009

Ruskin Bored

I hate digitization. I wish I had some kind of addiction to Gaming, to Orkutting, to You Tubing, whatever. What was I doing, when the digital life style took off?! Sleeping?? With family and old friends in another city, and with a house 30 good kilometers away from the college, it is difficult to spend time; especially, if you are not given to scrapping or uploading photos and commenting 'aww', 'eww', 'lol' now and then. Here I am, with my solution to boredom; some lazy little poetry. You will see how easy it is to rhyme...and how difficult to make sense.
The time goes by,
I still stand there.
In this progressivist world
I walk back there.
To all those moments
We both did share,
To all those smiles
We laughed so fair.
When I come back
To this lonely new life,
Will you be here to hold my hand,
Will you be here, to take me there...